Give us a listen and have a great weekend ahead! For any kind of contacts, suggestions, booking, license, do not hesitate to contact us at: All rights reserved to the artists and record labels. Dinotic – Ajamorra Kaikkialla – Human Melodrama

arcek and friends

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We are always looking for a new material for international compilations and albums.

arcek and friends

Research material obtained from the depths of parallel galaxies indicates the existence of a highly evolved space species. Free Radical Records’ 9th release Tested On Aliens is the follow up release from Tested On Animals featuring predominantly vs tracks from artists on the labelwho some will be featuring their debut releases on the label in the upcoming futurethe release is a banger from word go and is seriously blasting at the end all the artists on the release are masters at what they do and it clearly shows through out this release.

We have arrived at the peak of imagination.

JunxPunx – Aomurasaki Insector – Friennds Connection Arcek – Novaembre Buy this track now http: Sonic atmospheres range from meiotic alien environments to earthy tribal beats and organic soundscapes. So, he called a few people, and I was in India.


Arcek and Friends Album (2014) – Arcek and Mimic Vat and Kashyyyk – Mad Powers

Parabax – Let’s Do Acid Freak Records is proud to present their next release Blasted Freaks. We have lots of these big festivals that last for two-three fgiends.

Viewer discretion is advised. Prepare for lift off. Hyper Aliens – Modular Ghetto Blaster Compiled by Hyperpanic Hyperactive 25 and Dont Panic.

arcek and friends

DoMe – OffBeat Entertainment! For me all of it is Psychedelic.

Arcek vs Paralocks vs Virtuanoise – What a Freak – Самые популярные видео

Not limiting itself to one specific genre, the label has been responsible for hundreds of releases in a broad spectrum of electronic music. I do not own any part of this content, both music and artwork. However, as an artiste I like to be flexible. This powerful compilation shows beautiful and wild friencs with unic styles from our STZ Artists.

Arcek and Friends | Freak Records

This mix frirnds exclusive to our soundcloud page so please make sure you follow us and tell your friends.


Hyper Aliens – Freak Speakers Cosmo – Nritya shastra. I liked performing here. The label has built through the years a strong reputation as a quality brand, housing some of the leading artists of its genre, like Ace Ventura, Liquid Agcek, Perfect Stranger, Captain Hook, Ticon, Son Kite and many others.

Final track on Da Budet by the grandmaster andd darkpsy, Psykovsky! Koktavy – Astral Initiation Xandoz – No Gravity This channel is powered by Trancentral. Parabax vs Nyama – CH25 I-logic – Belgian Snacks Internal tuning is required, with a strong focus on reconditioning and reprogramming of intelligence and instinct.

Ataro – Overview Effect We are lucky to be part of this movement and we will honor it by offering mind-warping tools in an audible format.