I wanna use it asap! Dec 30, Posts: And tutorials and documentations are really important. If so the best way to do that is to set Time. Duskling , Feb 15,

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Feb 8, Posts: Aperture Cutscene Editor is a cutscene editor for Unity. It fixes some problems with Unity 3.

Aperture – Cutscene Editor

Jun 10, Posts: Watch the overview now. Unity has no problem, however. How much are you thinking? Join the Unity Advisory Panel.

Shader Alpha Change

Mar 22, Posts: CorruptScanlineOct 1, Apr 14, Posts: You can easily create extension Actions and Events to conform to your projects needs, and the entire editor is open source if you really need some low level access.


Just what I wanted! It allows you to easily setup curve based animations for cameras, materials, characters, or anything else you want to animate.

Other than that, I’d say that it looks very promising. Aperture cutscene editor it looks awesome. TheSinDec 9, Are there limits on how long a cutscene can be or that it would become a lot less efficient or something over time? I am not terribly strong in materials, shaders and rendering but I realize this is because 2d doesn’t need normals the same way 3d does to render highlights etc.

Play Aperture Cutscene

QuickfingersFeb 15, So many visual scripting tools and all with such a poor documentation. But for some xutscene creating another path totally screws up the cutscene camera aperture cutscene editor is attached to. I am not sure I completely follow this however: We might need this in a month or two, when is it coming out?

Apr 22, Posts: If you are importing into Unity 3.


Can you advice on a good approach on how to do deitor People like you, doing this kind of work Thank you for publishing aperture cutscene editor awesome article. And tutorials and documentations are really important.

Right now Im thinking of a basic interface overview, a simple cinematic cutscene, and a more complex gameplay oriented tutorial covering advanced animations and Events.