Swearing to kill the men who had caused her husband’s death, penniless and without a name, her only weapons her beauty and courage, Angelique plunges into the underworld of Paris To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The covers of these books written in , translates from French, and reprinted a few times with different publishing companies through the years look like an old time cheesy romance novel. These books were originally written in French and translated into English. After spending her younger years as a bit of a tomboy, she is eventually married to the fearsome Comte de Peyrac he dabbles a bit in alchemy and other mysterious doings.

andjelika markiza andjela

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Angelique is not fluff in the least. If a character dies, his or her match is destroyed so he or she isn’t resurrected at a later stage. Another issue andjelaa that the writing itself suffers from its abundance of melodrama, several passages are so sentimental and exhibit purple prose, specifically on the part of the heroine, who’s a very turbulent woman. An immaculately researched book so cleverly written, it is hard to separate the very real facts from fiction.

Jun 04, Stephen Robert Collins rated it it was amazing. And there’s lots of secrets and deceptions and witchcraft and torture and murder plots and A truly amazing set of novels that is tragically out of print, even though it has been translated into over 40 languages! Does anyone know if the final books were finally translated to English?


Troppo intelligente, bella, curiosa, mi sembra che gli autori l’abbiano utilizzata come ‘Prezzemolino’ per sfoggiare tutte le loro conoscenze storiche: To ask other readers questions about Angeliqueplease sign up.

This has been a favorite series of wndjelika since the 60’s and I’d love to finally finish it.

andjelika markiza andjela

The novel is set in the 17th century, at the beginning of Louis XIV’s reign. It is something that will have a great effect on not only France’s but her own future too though she had no idea of knowing it at the time.

A trul Do not let the bodice ripper type cover fool you.

Title: Anne sergeanne golon andjelika, knjiga 1 markiza andjela

The characters were amazing, unique, completely fascinating. I first read this book when I was maybe a little too young but it swept me away. Though I wouldn’t go so far as some reviewers and claim that it is life-changing or the best book I’ve ever read, I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed every page of this epic tale. I wisely purchased hardcover copies of all a number of years ago on the then new online used book markets including Amazon and have noticed how expensive they have become.

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I’ve lost count of how many times I reread this series. Joffrey return to France alone with the promise he will return but with the fear he may die in Prague sorcerer prediction. Definitely not in sync with the silly covers. Where can I buy a copy of book 1? Wow, what a ride! View all 46 comments. Nov 15, Margaret Higgins rated it liked it Shelves: I became totally obsessed when I was a teen: Joffrey is still with her but it ends when she remain in Canada with Honorine, Cantor who comes back from France and her twins kids she has after Quebec.


Despite the rather lurid covers this book has, and yes our intrepid heroine does have a number of lovers, the sex is very understated and left pretty much to the reader’s imagination. View all 4 comments.

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Love is what burns us. She ends up in Quebec, for heaven’s sake!

andjelika markiza andjela

Readers expecting a bodice ripper with a bit of history would be very disappointed. Ona se protivi, ali, naravno, nema izbora. These books were originally written in French and translated into English.

As for plotting, the Golons could’ve done without prolonging the tribulations near the end, and the cliffhanger ending whose outcome isn’t difficult to puzzle out. Angelique – Ex Sergeanne Golon – 1st in series Louis XIV has assumed power in France, and in the province of Poitou, Angelique de Sance de Monteloup, daughter of an impoverished nobleman, runs wild with the peasant lads and stable-boys.